In the world of motorbike racing, data recording plays an indispensable role, not only in the professional sector but increasingly also in the field of hobby racing. The breathtaking performance of modern motorbikes would simply be inconceivable without special measurement technology and evaluation. However, the use of data analysis and recording is not only essential for the professionals – also in the hobby and semi-professional area, undreamt-of possibilities open up to increase the performance of the vehicle and the pilot in equal measure.

Our aim is to introduce you to the fascinating world of data recording in motorbike sport and to show you the significant influence it can have on the performance of a motorbike and the skills of the rider. For this purpose, we offer you a customised solution for your motorbike.

The extreme demands of professional riding require precise and reliable data recording devices. With the latest technology and innovative sensors, countless parameters are recorded, including speed, acceleration, braking behaviour, lean angles, engine speed and much more. By analysing this data, professional racing teams can optimise their motorbikes down to their riders and exploit targeted potential that would otherwise be invisible, making all the difference on the race track.

But data recording is not only important for professionals. Passionate hobby drivers and semi-professionals can also benefit enormously from the evaluation of their vehicle data. By carefully analysing recordings from training and racing sessions, weak points can be identified and improved. Riders can optimise their riding behaviour to be faster and safer, while the bike itself also benefits from targeted fine-tuning.

We work with leading manufacturers and the latest data recording systems, recommended technologies and proven analysis methods. We introduce you to the leading manufacturers, compare products and help you find the optimum solution for your individual requirements.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of data recording in motorcycling and discover how you can take both your personal performance and the performance of your beloved motorbike to a new level through clever analysis of vehicle data.