Part of the core development equipment of our business is our Dynojet 250 dynamometer which is equipped with a state-of-the-art control and measurement system.

With precision baseline dyno runs we analyze the status-quo of your engine system with the target to effectively optimize the peripheral engine hardware and ECU mapping. 

Utilizing our expertise we thoroughly improve the performance of your engine in all relevant load areas (part as well as full load). Especially the part load areas are important for smooth dynamic load transitions.

After the full optimization process we document the performance improvements with final dyno runs and verify that you engine performane is now top-notch.

Some motorbikes, including the impressive Ducati Streetfighter V4, are deliberately performance restricted by the manufacturer, which means that they do not always allow to fully use the available torque. These restrictions are done for a variety of reasons, such as legal requirements or to adjust performance for specific markets. However, for many motorbike enthusiasts, it is frustrating to know that their bike is not performing to its full potential.

If you want to unleash your motorbike’s full potential, there are good news: At Deussen Engines – experts in motorbike tuning – you can get the factory restrictions removed. Our professional tuning will improve your motorbike so that it can deliver all the available torque and you can enjoy an even more intense riding experience.

We always carry out a careful analysis to determine the best set-up for your motorbike. With state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, we ensure that your motorbike reaches its full performance without compromising reliability or safety.

Put your trust in our expertise and passion for high performance. Contact us today and discover the full potential of your motorbike engine with tuning by Deussen Engines!